Trial by Public Opinion: Examining the rise of Reputation Laundering cases.

Author: Shushan Harutyunyan, AxelMondrian & Partners
Date: 08.06.2023, Brussels

The concept of reputation laundering is a relatively recent phenomenon, with institutions like the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation only beginning to delve into research on the topic in the past decade. This indicates a shifting paradigm in our understanding of this complex issue.

In today’s polarized and populist landscape, reputation laundering has emerged as an underestimated yet potent source of future challenges. Traditionally, it may have been viewed as the unethical behavior of politicians or companies engaged in illicit activities, often perceived to occur in distant corners of the world. However, recent case studies reveal a more nuanced reality, with instances of reputation laundering occurring closer to home, even within the European community, despite its presumed adherence to moral standards and regulations.

In the presentation shared below, I will draw upon litigation cases documented in peer-reviewed legal publications such as the Sandford and Duke Law Reviews. While my credentials as a recent paralegal limit my scope, I aim to shed light on how we can identify such cases and navigate them effectively.

The insights shared here are gleaned from the discussions held during the EACD Communications Summit 2023, where I had the privilege of being a featured speaker. I invite further exploration and discussion within our professional community.

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