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AxelMondrian was officially founded during times of uncertainty, polarization, and societal division. Its inception was a resolute effort to provide structure and stability to the world.

We are the time. We are the famous metaphor from Heraclitus the Obscure. We are the water, not the hard diamond, the one that is lost, not the one that stands still. We are the river and we are that greek that looks himself into the river. His reflection changes into the waters of the changing mirror, into the crystal that changes like the fire. Memory does not stamp his own coin. However, there is something that stays, however, there is something that bemoans. Jorge Luis Borges


AxelMondrian & Partners was founded as a first-of-its-kind Reputation Management firm in the region. It is a Communications company with a soul, consisting of best-of-class professionals in Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, Data and Solutions as well as high-profile consultants from a diverse range of fields.

The founding partners of our company collectively bring over 20 years of management experience from their roles in the leading European offices of global PR agencies. Committed to bringing respectability to Communications, making it measurable and creative at the same time, they resolved to establish AxelMondrian, combining the agility of modern approaches with the wealth of experience drawn from the world’s foremost Communications and Creative agencies.

At the heart of our company’s profound impact and classical model comes from the founding fathers of Public Relations. In an era marked by a scarcity of precedents, these visionary individuals not only defined but shaped the very essence of our industry. Ivy Lee’s innovative legacy-building approach, Edward Bernays’ profound understanding of society and behavioral science, and Sir Alan Frederick’s relentless commitment to influencing public sentiment stand as unwavering sources of inspiration for our organization.


Ivy Lee


Sir Alan Frederick Lascelles


Edward Bernays


As a commercial think tank, our company collaborates with governments, international organizations, NGOs, and private entities, leveraging our industry expertise alongside cutting-edge toolkits and best-practice methodologies. These elements form the foundation of our collaborative framework, which enables us to deliver exceptional results for our partners.

AxelMondrian’s creative core deftly fuses industry classics, merging postmodern fine arts with the provocative energy of pop-deconstructivism. We unapologetically juxtapose classical sound with audacious experimentation in our commercials. Our brand essence and creative production emerge from abrupt turns, driven by institutional expertise and the relentless ingenuity of “best in class” professionals.

AxelMondrian has forged exclusive partnerships with individual companies across various crucial domains, including Research, Monitoring, Data Processing, Web Development, Production, Filming, and Placement. These collaborations enable us to offer a tailored and comprehensive service to our clients. When a company comes onboard with AxelMondrian, we ensure top-level communication management, handled from A to Z, by each of our strategic partners.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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Address: 38/5 Myasnikyan Avenue, Yerevan 0025, RA

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