Flying Juguli: Story of willpower & dream

Author: AxelMondrian & Partners
Date: 09.05.2024, Yerevan

Rezo Enukidze, a resident of Tbilisi, finally fulfills his dream of owning a car in 1991—a blue VAZ-2106—after much effort and waiting in line. However, on the very same night, thieves steal the wheels off Enukidze’s car. Fuming with anger, Rezo takes matters into his own hands and uses a crane to lift the car to the 4th floor balcony of his house.

“When are you planning to bring it down?” curious neighbors inquire.
“In better times,” replies Rezo.

The Zhiguli remained perched on the Tbilisi terrace for a staggering 27 years, only being removed years after Rezo’s passing.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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