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Despite the challenges we faced in our early days at Axel Mondrian, we refused to be discouraged. Instead, we transformed our struggles into a powerful toolkit, forged from both our trials and triumphs. Today, we stand ready to share this invaluable resource with our peers, empowering them to navigate their own journeys with confidence and resilience

The global communications market, valued at over $750 billion, encompasses various sectors including Public Relations, Reputation Management, Advertising, Marketing, and Data Solutions. However, the creative industry is not as easy and open. With 78% of agencies ceasing operations within 1 to 2 years, and only a 22% success rate for those lasting 3 to 5 years, challenges are evident.

At AxelMondrian, we recognize the business challenges that communication professionals are expected to solve, including:

  • Change in traditional stakeholders of businesses & institutions, amidst a noisy environment.
  • The increased cost of a bad reputation: at least 10% per new hire*, while better reputations enjoy lower cost of equity financing.
  • Businesses requiring additional expertise to select suppliers, with around 70% opting to bring functions in-house.
  • Lack of commonly agreed measurability, efficiency, and poor services.

Conversely, agencies face their own set of challenges, including:

  • Capacity constraints, leading to limited involvement in small, local projects.
  • Upholding professionalism and credibility within the service industry.
  • The absence of measurability leading to a lack of data-driven decisions, including challenges in measuring ROI of campaigns.
  • Erosion of trust leading to the rise of in-house capabilities.
  • Managing client expectations and educating decision-makers. 

At AxelMondrian, we bring an institutional approach to Agency work, drawing from our collective experience of over 20 years collective experience in Communication and utilizing cutting-edge metrics. To not only we want new companies to survive but also thrive in the field of communications, for which we offer our partners a comprehensive Franchise package that includes:

  • Methodology and Toolkit: Providing you with proven methodologies and tools for effective communication strategies.
  • Samples: Access to a library of successful communication samples for reference and inspiration.
  • Training & Development: Offering training programs to enhance skills and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Business Process ERP: Streamlining your operations with an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system.
  • Reputation Management: Assisting in maintaining and enhancing your reputation through strategic communication.
  • HR and Legal Support: Guidance and assistance in human resources and legal compliance.
  • Office Administration Support: Support in managing administrative tasks to ensure smooth operations.
  • Leadership Training and Development: Developing leadership skills to drive success within your organization.
  • Annual Events: Participation in annual events to network and stay connected with industry peers.
  • Business Intelligence Reports: Access to valuable insights and reports to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Brand Usage: Permission to use the AxelMondrian brand name to enhance your credibility.

To receive our Franchise offer with customizable options, please contact us at +374 60 500 500 or email us at info@axelmondrian.com

We are open to sharing our full experience and toolkit.

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