Galaxy Group of Companies: Establishing a Unified Employer Brand

Capability: Employer Branding
Brand Archetype: Creator

Galaxy Group of Companies stands out for its distinctive corporate culture and internal communication
practices. It operates as a community of thought leaders, ensuring consistency in employee recruitment
across all its entities through unified branding and communication strategies.

In 2023, Axel Mondrian embarked on a significant experimental project: the conceptualization of a unified
“onboarding” process for “Galaxy.” In this endeavor, every word and unit carried crucial significance for
enhancing the employer’s brand.

Interestingly, surveys have consistently ranked the Galaxy Group of Companies among the top employers in Armenia, with exceptional NPS results from EES results – which is also part of our project.
Notably, our communication brief emphasized simplicity and alignment with the goals of sustainable
development, with printing and packaging supplier of WeDO – our strategic partner.

Project Title: Galaxy Group of Companies: Establishing a Unified Employer Brand
Date: March 2023
Capability: Employer Branding
Brand Archetype: Creator

Overview: Founded in 1999, Galaxy Group of Companies stands as a prominent conglomerate in
Armenia, overseeing 15 diverse enterprises across various sectors, all unified under a single pool of

The Challenge: Creating a unified employer brand for the entire group while ensuring it enhances the
individual identities of each company within it posed a significant challenge. The solution required
developing a comprehensive visual and verbal communication framework that could accommodate the
unique attributes of each of the 15 brands.

The Solution: Extensive research, including employee engagement surveys involving 2,500 employees,
formed the foundation of the solution. A unified employer brand was meticulously crafted, accompanied
by a long-term strategy that mapped out the employee journey, highlighting all interactions and

A tangible solution came in the form of unified onboarding packages featuring carefully curated items,
packaged sustainably.

The Reception: The intervention yielded higher NPS scores in the Employee Engagement Survey.
Galaxy Group of Companies was recognized as one of the top employers in Armenia, according to public
opinion surveys.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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