Gate2 Travel Agency: Market Entry Communications

Capability: Marketing Communication
Brand Archetype: Lover

Project Title: Gate2 Travel Agency: Market Entry Communications
Date: December 2022 – February 2023
Capability: Marketing Communications
Brand Archetype: Lover

Overview: Gate2 Travel Agency, a newly established company specializing in luxury travel, sought to enter the highly competitive travel market in Armenia. With a unique offering of luxury tours, vacations, and travel concierge services, Gate2 aimed to attract affluent travelers and establish its brand presence. AxelMondrian was tasked with developing a market entry communication strategy to achieve these goals.

The Challenge: AxelMondrian faced several challenges in crafting a market entry communication plan for Gate2. First, the travel industry was saturated with established players, making it challenging for a newcomer like Gate2 to gain attention and stand out. Second, Gate2’s target audience, affluent travelers, comprised a niche market with specific preferences and interests that required tailored messaging. Lastly, Gate2 had limited brand recognition and needed to establish a strong brand identity to compete with established travel agencies.

The Solution: To overcome these challenges, AxelMondrian devised a comprehensive market entry communication strategy for Gate2 that focused on the following key elements:

  • Target Market Identification: AxelMondrian conducted extensive research to identify the most relevant and profitable target market segments for Gate2. This involved analyzing travel trends, consumer preferences, and competitor analysis to identify the ideal customer profile for Gate2’s luxury travel offerings.
  • Positioning and Messaging: AxelMondrian developed a unique positioning strategy for Gate2, differentiating it from competitors by highlighting its luxury-focused offerings and personalized travel experiences, including its travel concierge service. Additionally, Gate2 was positioned as a “Lover” brand, focusing on romanticizing the travel experiences offered by the agency. Tailored messaging was crafted to resonate with the target audience, emphasizing the excitement, thrill, and unique experiences provided by Gate2, and evoking a sense of passion, intimacy, and emotional connection with the target audience. By positioning Gate2 as a Lover brand, AxelMondrian aimed to create an emotional bond between the travelers and the brand, making it more appealing and memorable in a highly competitive travel market.
  • Communication Channels: AxelMondrian identified and utilized the most effective communication channels to reach Gate2’s target audience. This included online channels such as social media platforms, where targeted advertising campaigns were carried out to maximize brand exposure and generate leads.

The Reception: Gate2 made an impressive social media debut with high engagement rates. In total, around half a million quality engagements were achieved on social media within a three-month period in a limited addressable market with a niche customer profile.

Case Showreel: As part of our communication strategy, we showcased the travel agency, its services, and proposed key destinations. For the teaser communication, we decided to explore niche cities with associations of work and leisure. We aimed to highlight that Gate2 is suitable for both work and travel, with seven selected cities as destinations for the teaser. This was completed in the final post, symbolizing all travels “to the moon and back” with Gate2.

Works produced: Market Entry Communications Strategy; Product Offers & Product Presentations; Social Media Content & Clipping video.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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