Classic Diner Brand Awareness Campaign

Capability: Advertising, PR
Brand Archetype: Jester

Project Title: Classic Diner Brand Awareness Campaign
Date: December, 2022 – February, 2023
Capability: Advertising, PR
Brand Archetype: Jester

Overview: Classic Diner, a well-known diner and fast-food chain with multiple locations in Yerevan, opened a new branch that struggled to attract customers and generate revenue. Classic Diner partnered with AxelMondrian to develop and implement an effective market awareness strategy. 

The case study highlighted the importance of conducting thorough market research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and gaps in a crowded market. Tailoring messaging and positioning strategy to resonate with the target audience can help establish a cohesive and memorable brand presence, elevating brand recognition and credibility.

The Challenge: AxelMondrian faced several challenges in crafting a market awareness plan for Classic Diner’s new branch. First, the location faced stiff competition from other restaurants and cafes in the area, making it challenging to stand out. Second, the new branch lacked brand and general recognition among customers, compared to the established locations.

The Solution: To address the challenge of increasing recognition for Classic Diner’s new branch, AxelMondrian developed a comprehensive brand awareness strategy, which consisted of the following key elements:

  • Technical Corrections and Compliance: AxelMondrian conducted a thorough audit of Classic Diner’s digital platforms to ensure that they were technically sound and in compliance with the latest industry standards. This included bringing everything to the same page information-wise, such as ensuring that menus, operating hours, contact information were accurate and up-to-date.
  • Brand Awareness Campaign: To promote the new branch, AxelMondrian developed a brand awareness campaign that highlighted the space, products, and competitive offerings of the new location. The campaign emphasized the unique qualities of the new branch, including its classic American diner experience, and comfort food offerings. As part of the brand awareness campaign, AxelMondrian also added an element of fun to the marketing efforts for Classic Diner’s new branch. This was achieved through the development of creative marketing materials, such as eye-catching social media graphics, that featured playful and engaging visuals.
  • RePositioning and Messaging: AxelMondrian created a unique positioning strategy for the new branch that distinguished it from competitors by emphasizing Classic Diner’s exceptional dining experience and food offering in a lighthearted and entertaining way that resonated with the target audience. Positioning Classic Diner as Jester Brand helped establish the new branch as a fun and lively destination that offered customers an enjoyable and memorable dining experience, in addition to creating a sense of fun and excitement around the brand in general.
  • Communication Channels: As part of the Brand Awareness Campaign, social media platforms were utilized as primary communication channels, wherein targeted advertising campaigns were carried out to increase brand exposure and generate foot traffic for the new branch.

The Reception: The food chain attracted highest foot flow for the quarter and highest quality reference /customer reviews.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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