LIM Urban Offices: A Case of Brand Naming

Capability: Brand Naming, Sales Magazine, Website Content, Media Publications
Brand Archetype: Caregiver

Project Conducted in partnership with Breavis

February 2023
Capability: Brand Naming, Sales Magazine, Website Content, Media Publications
Brand Archetype: Caregiver

LIM Urban Offices (TA Business Center LLC) represents a significant business expansion, where a successful commercial real estate company extends its capabilities into new areas, necessitating a new brand name.

The Challenge:
The task was to create a name that is modern and resonates with the contemporary punk office culture while simultaneously expressing the patriotic identity of the business founders.

Capability: Brand Naming, Sales Magazine, Website Content, Media Publications<br>
Brand Archetype: Caregiver

Objectives of the Project:
The project aimed to establish a distinctive image, convey intended positioning, establish product differentiation, create a distinct market segment, foster brand loyalty, facilitate easy identification, and simplify trademark registration.

Criteria in the Evaluation of Brand Naming:
The evaluation criteria included relevance to the product category, positive or neutral connotations, overall appeal, ease of recognition and recall, ease of pronunciation, distinctiveness, consistency with the company image or existing product line, versatility for use with other products, and effective translation into other languages.

The Solution:
We conducted an AxelMondrian branded value extraction session and identified the brand archetype as the Caregiver. An extensive market assessment was performed to analyze competition and industry benchmarks. Based on these outcomes, we provided a set of names and descriptors. In the second round, the name “LIM Urban Offices” was selected, marking the brand’s birth.

LIM Urban Offices: What Does It Mean?
Lim Island (Armenian: Լիմ կղզի) is the largest island in Lake Van, located in the northeastern part of the lake. Situated in Western Armenia (currently under Turkish control), this island was a refuge for over 12,000 Armenian women and children during the Armenian genocide. LIM Urban Offices symbolize an oasis of inspiration and innovation amidst urban waters, offering rescue and caregiving to its customers.

Brand Development:
The brand development was carried out by Breavis, our strategic partner, ensuring full adoption of the brand across platforms.

The Reception:
The name was well-received by the community, as if it had always existed. References to it have been made by business leaders, influencers, and media outlets.

Europe: Brussels Gate

CIS: Yerevan Gate

Middle East: Beirut Gate

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