AxelMondrian & Partners’ mystical office: includes Yerevan Premices among the the best offices in Armenia

As part of the “Best Offices of Armenia” project by, our recent visit led us to the premises of AxelMondrian & Partners.

It’s been almost a year since AxelMondrian & Partners commenced its operations in Armenia, introducing top-tier international expertise in the realm of communications and reputation management. AxelMondrian’s initiatives predominantly revolve around crafting and executing strategic policies. “Mystical” is probably the most fitting term to describe the office and its distinctive style. Within the minimalist-designed space, the hosts told us that behind every detail there’s an interesting story and interpretation. So our 3-hour visit felt like a fleeting moment in that captivating atmosphere.

The team’s warm reception and hospitality were indicative of the underlying corporate culture and the amicable working environment. Let’s delve into the history behind the inception of the AxelMondrian & Partners office and our valuable insights, made possible by the contribution of Kristine Udumyan, the company’s Digital Communications Director, and Tatevik Soghoyan, Compliance and Litigation Projects Director.

At the heart of AxelMondrian & Partners stands Managing Partner and CEO, Shushan Harutyunyan, entrusted by all stakeholders to oversee the Armenian office. Boasting an impressive 18-year career in communications, Shushan Harutyunyan is an Oxford University, Said Business School alumna and ranks among the 25 esteemed professionals worldwide in reputation management.

Her extensive experience spans communication domains within business and political spheres, encompassing diverse geographical contexts ranging from the European Parliament to Middle Eastern countries. The application of international best practices in communication, both within the company’s endeavors and the office itself, echoes this rich background.

Situated at Myasnikyan 38/5 within the “Most” business center, the AxelMondrian & Partners office serves as a hub for exceptional, top-tier solutions. Upon stepping through its doors, an aura of mystique embraces you. Conceptual paintings, characteristic of AxelMondrian’s style, adorn the walls. The interior features an open-plan office designed with a timeless distinction, a meeting room, a space for management personnel, and a well-equipped kitchen.

A particularly remarkable highlight is the team’s cherished corner, a dedicated brainstorming area completed with a cozy auditorium. Here, the words of Jorge Luis Borges, “We are the time, we are the famous,” adorn the wall and door glass. These words serve as a source of inspiration for the entire AxelMondrian & Partners team.

One may assume that people of AxelMondrian refer to themselves when citing Borges’ quote. However,”We are the time, we are the famous,” embodies the metaphor of fame, akin to a reflection in water. Communication at its pinnacle has the power to forge an alternative reality; it’s a realm of metaphors. The concepts crafted at AxelMondrian symbolize timeless and authentic qualities. Every meticulous detail derives from AxelMondrian’s communication strategy.

The images featuring philosophical titles such as Writing, Thinking, and Portraying, displayed on the meeting room’s wall, hold a distinct allure. These visuals are accompanied by QR codes linking to videos on AxelMondrian & Partners’ YouTube channel. These videos provide an insightful introduction and comprehensive overview of the company.

The essence of AxelMondrian & Partners lies in the realm of classic minimalism and the profound significance of each detail. Their approach isn’t about challenging established norms; rather, it’s about imbuing conventional truths with inspiration and elegance. This philosophy is embraced by the entire team and beautifully echoed in the visual and aesthetic elements of their office space.

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