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Hayk Hakobyan

Projects Officer, Media Communications & CSR

Hayk Hakobyan is responsible for projects and activities focused on acquiring and retaining clients, along with collaborating with businesses and corporations to manage and execute projects in the fields of reputation, branding, and marketing communications. Hayk plays a pivotal role in enhancing brands and advancing the business interests of clients through a diverse range of initiatives, including campaigns, projects, creative endeavors, and content development, among other innovative strategies.

Hayk served in the Public Relations Department of the Government of the Republic of Armenia for several years, acting as the spokesperson for various ministers of the Republic of Armenia, as well as for advocates and notarial chambers. His career also encompassed roles as an editor and coordinator within news agencies. Throughout his professional journey, Hayk held significant responsibilities in the domain of public relations and communications management.

Hayk Hakobyan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in History from Yerevan State University, underscoring his profound understanding of historical contexts. He has also earned a master’s degree in Law from Yerevan’s “Gladzor” University.

Hayk also has made contributions to the academic arena as the author of four scientific publications in various scientific journals. His passion for knowledge sharing and academic pursuits has extended to his role as a lecturer at the Advocates Academy of Armenia, where he taught the subject of “Public Relations Skills” for six years.

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