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Arpine Aghjoyan

Projects Director, Data & Insights

Arpine Aghjoyan is the Projects Director, curating Data & Insights directions in AxelMondrian.

She is a dedicated professional, overseeing a diverse range of strategic activities and projects that encompass data management, research, model development, conceptualization, and business development. Her primary focus is on the development of proprietary research, industry reports, and rankings, contributing significantly to the company’s strategic vision.

With over 13 years of experience in the research and data management sectors, Arpine has primarily focused on opinion polling and market research. She has also contributed her expertise to prominent telecommunication and IT companies in Armenia, specializing in product and data analysis, including in her capacity of prominent positions in Breavis Research & Communications; Vivacell MTS group, Digitain, Galaxy Group among others. 

Arpine’s accomplishments are noteworthy, as she has taken charge of organizing and supervising research projects in data collection, processing, analysis, and the implementation of data policies. 

Complementing her professional journey, Arpine holds an MBA degree from the Russian-Armenian University Business Prior to her MBA, she obtained MA and BA degrees in Sociology and Social Research from Yerevan State University, reflecting her strong academic foundation in understanding social dynamics and research methodologies.

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